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Sweet Corn, 1 Piece

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Sweet corn is otherwise known as maize corn. It is one of the most loved of all vegetables. In terms of production, it is the second-largest processing crop after tomatoes. The corn kernels are finely ground to obtain corn flour that is added to many baked foods. The boiled baked corn kernels can be added to pasta, soups, sandwiches, chaat & rolls. 

Nutritional Facts: Sweet corn is a good source of folate, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous

Cooking Tips: Never add salt to the water while cooking corn, it would harden the corn.

Recipes: Boiled sweet corn blended with masala, spices, butter, pepper is an ideal snack for children. This vegetable is delicious as well as healthy for the children. They are also used as toppings over pizza, samosa fillings, and fried snacks

Storage: Preferably store the corn along with the husks in the refrigerator. Husks are known to retain the freshness of the corn

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