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Sundrop Heart Oil, 1L Pouch

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Sundrop heart cooking oil is enriched with oryzanol and fulfills 50% requirement of vitamin A, D, & E. This oil is heart friendly. Is a blend of rice bran and sunflower oil. Has been scientifically seen to reduce cholesterol content in 30 days. 

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Ingredients One of the active ingredients of Sundrop Heart Oil is Oryzanol that helps to lower the cholesterol level. It has been found out that consuming this oil in moderation helps to lower the cholesterol level in a few days. This oil is also known to have two types of anti-oxidants.
Nutritional Facts Sundrop Heart Oil is a blended vegetable oil which has less saturated fat than most of the refined ricebran oil. • Other than having less saturated fat, Sundrop oil is also known to have a perfect balance of PUFA and MUFA which offers balanced nutrition to the body.

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