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Raw Mango, 1 Piece

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Raw mangoes are available in plenty during the summer months. They are firm and not as juicy as the ripened ones. Apart from being used as a vegetable to prepare mango dal, mango chutney, mango rice they are also used to make pickles, Aam Panna & so on. Aam Panna is a refreshing beverage and a great home ready for heat strokes. It contains more amount of vitamin C than the ripened fruit.  

Nutritional Facts: Raw Mangoes contain a good amount of vitamin c, niacin, calcium & magnesium

Cooking Tips: Do not make small pieces of mango, because they tend to shrink upon cooking. 

Recipes: This can be grated like a vegetable and added to curries or made into a chutney. Raw mango curry flavored with coconut paste and tempered with spices and spice powders has a very unique taste. Because of its tangy flavor, it is even added to sambhar

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