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Radish, 1 Piece

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Radish is not the most popular vegetables but one of the healthiest veggies. They help add a peppery element to the cooked dish. The reason why they taste so pungent is that they are high in nutrients. Raddish has a detoxifying effect, they help cleanse the liver and blood. The leaves of these veggies were used since ancient days to widely manage jaundice. They have a rich source of anthocyanins that are found to be heart protective. Enriched with potassium that helps keep the blood pressure levels in check. This vegetables has a cooling effect on the body. They are a good source of vitamin C. Around 1/2 cup of radish fulfills around 14% of the RDA of vitamin C. 

Nutritional Facts: Radish are a good source of vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, fiber, & minerals i.e., potassium and zinc

Recipes: These vegetables are used to prepare delicacies like dal, curries, paratha & even added to salads, sandwiches & so on. They are also employed to prepare pickles

Storage: Wrap them in a paper towel and store them in the refrigerator

At Opoto, we procure farm-fresh vegetables produce i.e., radish from the farmers, and deliver them to you at the most discounted prices. We offer the fastest delivery service, place an order before 7 pm & we will make sure it is delivered to your doorsteps by tommorrow.

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