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Potato/Alugadda/Aloo, 1 kg

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Potatoes are the 4th most consumed crop in the world after rice, corn, and wheat. They are available throughout the year. This vegetable is high in calories, but when cooked in the right way without the addition of excess oil, cream, butter it is good for health. The skin of this vegetable contains more nutrients including most of the vegetable fiber. 

Nutritional Facts: They are a good source of B & C vitamins including phosphorous, manganese, pantothenic acid, niacin & so on. One medium-sized potato provides around 30% of the daily value of vitamin C. 

Cooking Tips: This vegetable turns green when there is excess exposure to sunlight. You should never consume this veggie if it is green below the skin

Recipes: Potatoes are consumed as a whole food in the form of stir-fries, added to the mixed vegetable curries, fried rice & so on

Storage: Potatoes should be stored in a cool & well-ventilated space. Paper bags offer the best environment for extending the shelf life of this vegetable. This vegetable doesn't require refrigeration. Never store them along with onions as they tend to spoil faster. 

At Opoto, we procure fresh veggies directly from the farmers and deliver them to you at the most affordable rates. Place an order before 7 pm today and we will make sure it is delivered to your doorsteps by tommorrow.

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