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Nourishing Meals Post To Covid


Serving & Portion Sizes

Vegetables & Fruits:

  • 5 portions/day
  • (80gm of fresh fruit/1 tablespoon of dried fruits/150ml of fruit juice)

Protein Foods

  • 3 palm sized portions/day
  • Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Pulses, Nuts, Chickpeas

Dairy Foods

  • 3 thumb sized portions/day
  • Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, Soya Milk Fortified with Calcium

Starchy Foods

  • Quarter of main meals
  • Rice, potatoes, cereals, noodles, chapattis, pasta, bread

Oils & Spreads

  • Unsaturated varieties i.e., sunflower oil, olive oil

Preferred Meals

  • Sandwich with meat/cheese/egg
  • Fish/Chicken Curry with rice
  • Meat Stew
  • Custard/Milk Pudding

Add Ons for Extra Energy

  • Peanut butter – add to soup, curry, sauces
  • Ground Almond – add to soups, sauces
  • Grated cheese – add to mashed potato, scrambled egg, soups
  • Olive Oil – add to salad dressing
  • Peanuts – add to chutneys
  • Chia seeds – add to smoothies

Try These Healthful Drinks

  • Turmeric tea
  • Barley Water
  • Pomegranate smoothie
  • Peanut Butter Banana smoothie
  • Beetroot carrot juice

Start Making Small Diet Changes

  • Start with bland foods & then add flavour
  • Eat little but quite oftenly
  • Have liquid food or drinks in between meals instead of with meals
  • Regular sips of fluid throughout the day
  • Spread protein foods throughout the day, as body may not be able to utilize it at one time
  • Consume soaked dry fruits preferably early in the morning before to your first meal