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Lipton Darjeeling Tea, 250gms

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Lipton darjeeling tea is made from long tea leaves. Long leaves provides a great taste. To prepare this tea add 1 teaspoon of lipton darjeeling tea to freshly boiled water. Cover it with a lid and brew for 3-5 mins. Strain and enjoy without milk or sugar. Handpicked from tea estates in the misty mountains of darjeeling. This tea is known for its exquisite taste. The long leaves unfurl, infusing the brew with distinct flavor and aroma and a deep amber hue making every cup a sensorial delight.

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Ingredients darjeeling tea leaf
Nutritional Facts Calories: Nil Trans Fat: Traces Cholesterol: Nil Minerals: Traces Total Carbohydrate: Traces Protein: Traces Vitamins: Traces Vitamin C: Traces Energy: Nil Fats(g): Traces
How To Use Warm a teapot with hot water. Add a teaspoonful of Lipton Darjeeling Tea for each cup and one spoonful for the pot. Pour in boiling water, shut the lid and brew for around five minutes. Pour into the cup, add milk and sugar to taste and say Cheers!

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