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Ladies Finger/Bhendi/Bendakaya, 500 gms

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India is the largest cultivator of ladies finger. It is popularly known by other names including bhendi, bendakaya, okra & so on. This vegetable is a good source of nutrients like carotenoids that are good for vision and healthy skin. A good source of fiber that aids in digestion controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Nutritional Facts: Ladies finger is a good source of vitamin A, C, magnesium, and folate

Cooking Tips: The bulb and tapering end of this vegetable is the inedible portion that is sliced of. This vegetable is either cut into round pieces or sliced into halves. 

Recipes: Ladies finger is either deep-fried, added to the mixed vegetable curries, dal & sambhar. The okra fry along with besan is the perfect snack for the cold weathers. Some of the most popular recipes of this vegetable include bhindi masala, bhindi pakoda, stir fry with peanuts, and dahi bhindi. Okra stir fry tastes best with chapati or pulkas. 

Storage: Ladies finger can be stored at room temperatures for around 1-2 days. There are chances of moisture loss with this vegetable, hence it is preferred to refrigerate them. You can store them as a whole vegetable or after slicing them into pieces. 

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