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How to store vegetables fresh longer without fridge?


Not all vegetables and fruits needs to be stocked up in the fridge for prolonged freshness. Each kind of food requires a specified method for storage. Some stay fresh longer when stored under dark humid conditions, while some stay fresh under moist conditions. Never peel or cut the fruits and veggies unless they are to be used in the kitchen.

Wrap Around

Leafy greens like spinach, kale, coriander, amaranthus, curry leaves, etc can be wrapped around in a paper towel bags. Prefer a damp paper towel bag for this purpose. Dont excessively wet the paper towel bags.

Fruits like banana should be wrapped around with a plastic wrap around the stems. The plastic wrap prevents the release of ethylene gas which speeds up the ripening process.

Store Them Upside Down

For fruits like pineapple, simply cut down on the leafy tops and store the pineapple upside down. This helps redistribute the sugars that settle down at the bottom and keeps them fresh for a longer period of time

Buy A Mix Of Ripe/Unripe Ones

If shopping for tomatoes buy a mix of ripened and unripe ones. You can store the unripened ones at a dark place after wrapping them in a paper towels, or newspaper. Once ripened unwrap them and use them within 2 days

Store Them Along

Veggies like potatoes should be stored with spices such as garlic. This has been found to keep them fresh for a long period of time.

In contrast never store potatoes and onions together, ethylene gas produced by the onions has been found to spoil the potatoes.

Never should you store vegetables and fruits together as both of these give of different gases that can spoil the foods

Plunge The Leaves In Cold Water

Herbs i.e., coriander, mint, basil leaves can be stored upright at room temperature in a glass of water preferably cool water. Change the water frequently to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. Make sure you remove of any discoloured stem or leaves before transferring them into a jar of water