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How Telangana achieved to cultivate apples which is grown in Kashmir only?


When we think about Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh all that comes to our mind is the hilly apple gardens. These regions are popularly referred to as apple bowl of India. 70% of the apple produce of our country is from these two regions.

This fruit harvest grows best at higher altitudes. Hilly regions of Kashmir & Himachal are located at an altitude of 1,600 – 2,500 above sea level and offers conducive conditions for the best produce

This might keep you wondering how Telangana known for vivid temperature could grow apples

Growing Apples in the Tropics

Most of the variants of apple produce would require cool climates for their conducive growth. However farmers found one variant that was found to grow in high temperatures too. They named it 'HRMN-99' and found that it did not require long hours of cold climate for flowering and bearing of fruits.

It was found to grow in regions where the temperatures would even reach around 40 degrees

The tribal farmers therein felt that they can grow this variant in the soil of Telangana.

Little Kashmir In Telangana

A region in Adilabad district known as Kerameri Mandal is located around 2,300 feet above sea level. The beauty of this region is that it is surrounded by hillocks, forests and perennial streams. The temperatures in winter were also found to be quite low as 3OC. Keeping in mind these conditions scientist researched at CCMB and suggested that it might be conducive for apple produce

They postulated that this variant of HRMN-99 doesnt require high altitude and 1800 above sea level would be sufficient enough. With the help of support they received from the agricultural scientists at CCMB farmers planted the saplings of HRMN – 99 in the arid regions.

After continued efforts of around 4yrs the tribal farmers succeeded in replicating the orchads of apples in a remote village in dhanora and it appeared as little Kashmir.

Are These Apples Sweeter & Crunchier As The Kashmiri Ones?

It was seen that the apples though grown in the plains and vivid high temperature zones their taste, sweetness and crunch was very much similar to the apples of Kashmir and himachal Pradesh.