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Godumapindi/Whole Wheat Flour, 500 gms

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Wheat is one of the oldest crops that belong to the stone age. Wheat flour is obtained by grinding the wheat. This grocery staple has a brownish color, & is coarser in texture with a sweet nutty flavor. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. One of the prime reasons for the popularity of this flour is the ability to form gluten when mixed with a liquid. It is the gluten that provides the dough the elasticity nature wherein it stretches on kneading. 

Nutritional Facts: A large proportion of this flour is starch along with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers & so on

Recipes: This flour is used to make roti, naan, puri, baked goods, breads, cakes, cookies & so on. Also to thicken sauces, as a coating for foods like chicken and cutlets

Storage: Store the flour in an airtight container away from moisture and humidity. 

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