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Sabudana, 1Kg

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Sabudana is a rich source of carbohydrates. Because of the neutral flavor of this rice grain, it is used to add desired texture to the bread and soups. This grocery staple provides a satiety feeling and is consumed mostly as a fasting meal along with some potatoes, sugar, and peanuts. This carb is similar to rice, bread, and pasta and is generally not eaten as a sole dish. It is added as an ingredient to the recipes. Generally sabudana is eaten in the form of khichdi, dosa, vada, kheer & so on. Apart from carbohydrates it also does contain essential nutrients including proteins, calcium, fiber & so on. To ensure optimal growth of the infants less than 1yr of age, it is fed in a porridge form. This grain is gluten-free and is an excellent substitute for wheat-based flour. 

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