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White Peas/Matar, 200 gms

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White peas are otherwise known as white vatana. This grocery staple is the perfect choice when there is no availability of fresh peas. They are available all around the year. They have a nice earthy flavor. When you pressure cook them and season them they make a healthy snack. In some households, these white peas are milled into flour and are used as a replacement for wheat flour. They are often confused with chickpeas, however can be easily differentiated by their spherical shape, small size, and white color. The iron content of white peas has been found to increase the production of red blood cells and consequently found to prevent anemia.   

Nutritional Facts: White peas are a good source of proteins, fiber, vitamin B1, B3, iron, and zinc

Recipes: This grocery staple are used to prepare delicacies like misal pav, dal, ragda patties, pasta, noodles, matar kulcha. You can add them to baked beans, vegetable soups, 

Storage: White peas have a relatively long shelf life, can be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place for several months. 

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