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Foxtail Millet/Korralu/Italian Millet/Thinai Rice, 1kg

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Among millets, foxtail millets or korralu is the second most widely grown species. This grocery staple has been grown in India since the stone age. Very few resources are required to grow this super grain. These cereal grains have a low glycemic index and are an excellent substitute for rice or various other grains that are known to raise sugar levels. Foxtail millets also help combat sleep disorders like insomnia. These super grains are a rich source of calcium that helps prevent osteoporosis and the risk of fractures. 

Cooking Tips: Soak the millets in water overnight prior to cooking. This ensures easy digestion of the grains and more availability of nutrients

Nutritional Facts: Foxtail millets are a good dietary source of proteins, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It has a higher mineral content than rice. 

Recipes: These millets are easy to cook and are a part of various recipes in Indian cuisines. It is generally cooked as porridge, thicken soups, and curries. You can as well add them to breads, muffins, granola to experience that extra crunchy flavor. 

Storage: These cereal grains can be stored just as well as rice grains. Under dry conditions, these grains can be stored as long as 1-2 years

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