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Bajra/Pearl Millet, 500 gms

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Bajra is otherwise referred to as pearl millet. This grocery staple crop grows even under harsh climatic conditions even in less fertile soil. These are profoundly nutritious and easy-to-digest cereal grains. These millets are either cooked as grain or grind and used as flour. It is used by many to replace quinoa, rice, and oats in their dishes. Bajra when consumed along with dal or lentils like rajma, moong dal, urad dal, chana dal provides the complete source of proteins for vegetarians. They are easily digestible and well-tolerated by newborn kids. Its texture is similar to brown rice and can be cooked like rice. 

Nutritional Facts: Bajra is a good source of proteins, folic acid, iron, and calcium

Cooking Tips: Ensure that the grains are free from stones and dirt. These millets need to be soaked prior to cooking. If you are planning to use it as a whole grain, soak it overnight or for a minimum duration of 8 hrs. Use a pressure cooker if you want to save on cooking time. 

Recipes: It is used to prepare delicacies like roti, poori, porridge, puffed millet snacks, breads, cookies, biscuits, chaklis, & so on

Storage: Always best to use fresh bajra, prefer buying them in smaller quantities. 

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