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Green Peas/Vatana, 500 gms

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Green peas are spherical-shaped pods of the Pisum Sativum family. This grocery were a part of the human diet for a long time and are widely consumed all over the world. You can also find them in frozen or canned forms. This nutritious staple can be prepared in numerous ways and helps add flavor to many dishes. They are several other variants available like yellow, black, purple, but amongst them, green peas are the most frequently consumed forms. Green peas are the most filling foods, probably due to the high content of proteins and fiber. A cup of green peas contains the same amount of protein as that of dairy products like eggs. 

Cooking Tips: Dried peas when soaked in water are softer and easier to cook. Soaking them in water prevents the cracking of the skin when the peas are being cooked

Nutritional Facts: They are a good source of fiber, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. 

Recipes: Green peas are added to stews, curries, soups, puddings, pasta, stir-fries, cutlets, & so on

Storage: Store them in a cool, dark dry place away from moist conditions. Once cooked it is needed that you refrigerate them to avoid spoiling the staples

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