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Coriander Seeds/Dhaniyalu, 500 gms

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Coriander seeds otherwise known as dhaniya are a widely used spice all around the world. This grocery staple are brown in color, are hollow in shape, and contain essential oils. These seeds are used to flavor varying kinds of dishes. The seeds have an earthy flavor, are generally ground and used in a powdered form. Whole seeds are also however added to baked foods, pickles, roasted veggies & so on. Antioxidants found in coriander seeds i.e., quercetin, tocopherol helps prevent cellular damage by free radicals. Filled with dietary fibers that regulate bowel movements. Rich in minerals i.e., copper, zinc, iron, & so on that are essential for heart health. They have also been found to slow down the ageing process and protect the skin from allergies. Coriander seeds contain a compound called coriandrin that controls the process of lipid digestion and reduces blood cholesterol. This grocery staple just doesn't add flavor to the dishes but also enhances the nutritional value of the dishes. 

Recipes: Used to flavor recipes like curries, masala, soups, stir-fries, snacks & so on

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