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Dry Coconut Powder, 100 gms

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This coconut powder gives the natural taste and flavour of fresh coconuts. Coconuts are dried and finely grated to obtain this powder. This whole spice contains no cholesterol and trans fat. A rich source of essential minerals i.e., manganese, copper, selenium and so on. They are added to curries, meat prepations, stir fries, baked goods, & so on. This grocery staple is an easy topping for a range of desserts. The sweetness of coconut powder compliments baked foods and cookies both in terms of texture and flavour. Powder is blended with water to produce coconut milk. 

At Opoto, we have all kinds of grocery staples available including masala and spices. Shop for the finest quality dry coconut powder, order today and we will make sure it is delivered to your doorsteps by tommorrow. 

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