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Basmati Rice Loose, 1 Kg

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This grocery staple is very common in Indian cuisine. India is the world leader in the production of basmati rice. It's known for its nutty flavor, large grain size, and pleasant aroma. They are high in carbs as well as calories. Generally, rice grains are enriched with B vitamins i.e., folic acid, thiamine, niacin as well as iron.  Basmati rice contains all 8 essential amino acids along with selenium and magnesium. To boost their nutritional profile they are often fortified with essential minerals. It is naturally low in sodium and has no trans fat. A cup of this rice has 20% more fiber than any other rice. 

Cooking Tips: Cooking causes the loss of the compound that's responsible for the aromatic taste. To prevent this loss of aroma, prefer soaking the basmati rice for around 20 mins prior to cooking. Soaking the rice prior to cooking has also been found to reduce the cooking time

Recipes: Basmati rice is a great choice of grain for cooking biryani, rice puddings, pulav, and other side dishes as it complements the dishes with its aromatic flavor.

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