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Groundnuts/Peanuts/Palli/Mungaphali, Loose 500gms

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Groundnuts are otherwise popularly referred to as monkey nuts, palli, or peanuts. This grocery staple belongs to the family of legumes i.e, soy, lentils, & beans. It is a crop of choice during the crop rotation process as it was found to improve the fertility of the soil. These nuts are small oval-shaped known for their crunchy aromatic taste. They have become a staple ingredient in the Indian kitchen owing to their oil content. It has gained a lot of popularity as a snack pulse. Loaded with healthy fats, they are known to suppress hunger levels. Groundnuts are a good source of beta-sitosterol, which is known to have anti-cancer benefits. Vit c content of these wonder nuts is known to boost the immunity levels of individuals. 

Nutritional Facts: These pulses are a rich source of healthy fats, dietary fiber, proteins, and minerals including potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. 

Recipes: Groundnuts are employed in the preparation of curries, chikki, cutlets, chaat, masala peanuts, ladoo & so on

Storage: You can store these pulses in an airtight container in a dark dry place. They can be stored for as long as 1-2 months

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