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Wheat Rava/Godumarava - Big, 1 Kg

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Grocery staples like rava are employed almost daily to prepare breakfast. Wheat rava is one of the most versatile grains with regard to its nutritional value. It is more golden and darker in color and has a mild earthy aroma. A healthy alternative to whole wheat, contains the outer bran which is an excellent source of dietary fiber. This rava is full of nutrients that make it easily digestible. The high fiber content helps keeps the cholesterol level & weight in check. Healthy carbs in this rava help boost energy. The presence of good amounts of calcium makes it a great food for bone health. 

Nutritional Facts: It is a rich source iron, protein, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium & so on

Recipes: Wheat rava is used to prepare upma, idli, kheer, porridge, pongal & so on

Storage: When stored adequately wheat rava has an adequate amount of shelf life. Make sure you store this grocery staple in a dry airtight container away from moist conditions. 

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