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Maida Flour/Refined, 500 gms

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Wheat and maida flour both are made from wheat grains. What differentiates both these grocery is that wheat flour is obtained from germ, endosperm, and bran of wheat grains. Maida flour in contrast is obtained from the endosperm of wheat grains. Maida being obtained by a refined process loses all its fiber, proteins, minerals, antioxidants during the process of refining hence it is not considered healthier. It is very low in protein, because of which it can produce high volume cakes. Because of this feature, maida flour is used for baking foods.

Recipes: Maida flour is used for preparing naan, tandoori, roti, pizza, bread, biscuits, sauce thickeners, cakes, & so on. Also employed for baking desserts and as a coating for fried foods.

Storage: Store them in a dry container, in a dry place. Avoid moist conditions as it encourages the growth of microorganisms causing the flour to spoil. Flour readily absorbs moisture so store them away from onions or other foods with strong odors.

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