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Walnuts are wrinkly globe-like nuts that are uncovered in a hard shell. These dry fruits are brown in color & crunchy in texture Easy to add to the diet and are rich in nutritional value. Some individuals prefer having them raw while you can have them in roasted forms too. These nuts have a higher proportion of antioxidants than any other nut. The antioxidants i.e., vitamin e, polyphenols & melatonin are concentrated in the skin of the walnuts. These nuts are dense in calories so make sure you eat them in moderation. These dry fruits are referred to as the brain foods that enhance memory, help with depression and boost cognitive function. They were found to increase the absorption of calcium in the body. Walnuts help in the production of melatonin a hormone that induces sleep. They can be sprinkled on fruit salads, used in whole-grain breads, served on oatmeal, yogurt, chopped and added to wraps & sandwiches, etc. 

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Walnut/Akrod Whole, 500 gms

Walnut/Akrod Whole, 500 gms

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