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Catch Sprinklers Table Salt, 100 gms

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Catch sprinklers table salt is vaccume dried. This grocery staple enhances the natural taste of all kinds of recipes it's added to. The container in which it's stored ensures the salt is dry enough inside. Ground using a low temperature grinding technology. Salt is one unique ingredient in our recipes that enhances the taste of all other spices. Easy to store and is generally used as a table top dispenser. It removes the need for a salt shaker on the table. Catch sprinklers table salt is available in pack sizes of 100 & 200 gms. The product packaging ensures no wastage. You can use it in all the dishes to experience the difference in taste. The salt is so smooth that it easily dissolves in the food items. Store them in a dry and hygienic place, has a shelf life of around 12 months. 

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