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Masoor Dal/Red Lentils, 500 Gm

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Masoor dal is otherwise referred to as red lentils. This dal doesn't require soaking prior to cooking as it is soft in texture. After soybeans and hemp, this grocery staple has the highest level of protein. Pregnant women need to incorporate folate in their diet to prevent neural tube defects in the newborn. Masoor dal is a rich source of folate and should be incorporated into the diet of expectant mothers. This dal has a very low glycemic index and is dal of choice for diabetics. 

Nutritional Facts: Masoor dal is a rich source of fiber, proteins, carbs, fat & minerals like phosphorous, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium & potassium

Recipes: It is employed in the preparation of dal, khichdi, puree, paratha, dal makhni, soups, & so on. This staple is cooked along with other veggies to prepare khichdi

Storage: When adequately stored under dry conditions, this dal can be stored for several months. 

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