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Cumin/Jeera/Jeelakara, 200 gms

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Cumin seeds spice are popularly referred to as jeera, jeelakara & so on. This grocery staple gives an earthy and spicy flour to the foods. These seeds contains antioxidants i.e., apigenin and luteolin both of which act as natural antioxidants. Oil found in these seeds has been found to have antiseptic properties. A common ingredient of curry powders. These seeds have been found to boost metabolism, lower cholesterol levels and decrease blood sugar levels. Cumin seeds added to boiled water, strained and when consumed was found to boost the metabolism. It increases the activity of digestive enzymes thereby aiding in digestion. They are dense in iron content and provides around 20% of the daily requirement of iron. You can use this spice as whole seeds or ground it and add to your delicacies. Adds an enhanced flavour to stews, curries, soups & so on

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