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Coriander Leaves/Kothmir, 1 Bunch

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Coriander otherwise referred to as cilantro or kothmir is commonly used to flavor dishes. This herb and spice are used for seasoning almost all kinds of dishes like sambhar, dal, stir fry, rasam, pasta, salads, & so on. The antioxidants in these herbs help boost digestive, heart, and brain health. The juice has been used in ancient days to stimulate the appetite. 

Nutritional Facts: Coriander leaves have a high level of vitamins and a low level of minerals, in contrast, coriander seeds have a high level of minerals and a low level of vitamins. 

Storage: To store coriander in the refrigerator, trim the stems of the herb and place it in a jar filled with water. Make sure to regularly change the water. 

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