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Colgate Plax Active Salt Mouthwash, 250ml

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Colgate plax active salt mouthwash removes around 99% of the bad breath and cavity-causing germs. Gives a fresher breath and cleaner mouth than toothbrushing alone. Its most active ingredients are sea salt and herbal essence. Sea salt inhibits the bacteria causing bad breath and cavities. Herbal essence provides a refreshing breath. Freshen smile between brushing with this mouthwash. Take around 20ml of mouthwash. You can use it either in diluted or undiluted forms. In the case of diluted formula, mix it with equal amounts of water and gargle for around 30 seconds. An effective mouth wash that can be used after brushing and post to meals. This 30 secs rinse can offer a lasting effect for as long as 12 hrs. 

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Ingredients Water,Glyercine, propylene, Glycol,Sorbitol, Potoxamer, 407, Sodium cholride, Polysorbate 20, Flavor,Catylpyrdinium

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