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Chickoo/Sapota, 1 Kg

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Chickoo is known by other names such as sapota or sapodilla. In India, Karnataka is the largest grower of this fruit followed by Maharasthra. It has a grainy texture with a musky flavor. The pulp is soft and easily digestible. Because of the dominating flavor of the fruit, it can be blended with milk to prepare smoothies. It is high in calories, a fruit of choice for individuals trying to gain weight. Chickoo is loaded with fiber that boosts digestive health and acts as an excellent laxative. Tannins in them act as strong antioxidants. Not just this the polyphenols found in them neutralize acid secretion in the gut. A fruit of choice post-workout that provides an instant source of energy. Unripe chickoo contains high amounts of latex and tannins and can taste bitter. Having unripe ones can result in an itchy sensation and mouth ulcers. 

Nutritional Facts: Chickoo is a good source of folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and iron

Recipes: They are used to prepare delicacies such as smoothies, milk-shake, jams, desserts like ice-cream, cakes & so on

Storage: Ripe fruits can be stored at room temperature for around a week. You can also refrigerate this fruit 

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