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Brinjal Green Long, 500 gms

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Brinjal comes in various shapes i.e., round, long, oblong, & so on. The antioxidant compunds in the brinjal offers varying color to this veggie i.e., violet, purple, green, & so on. You can have them in the roasted, fry, or sauteed form.


High in fiber, therefore good for digestive and heart health

Most of the nutrients are found in the skin of this veggie. Prefer having them in its pure form

Prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol

Contain low amounts of sodium and are veggie of choice for diabetics

Eggplants are rich source of anthocyanins a pigment known for its antioxidant properties that is responsible for its vibrant color

At Opoto, we procure farm-fresh veggies from the local farmers and deliver them to your doorsteps for the most discounted rates. Shop for brinjal green long, order today, and reap its amazing benefits.

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