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Black Cardamom/Badi Elaichi, 25 gms

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Spices are an integral part of grocery staples. Black cardamom is otherwise known as Badi Elaichi. This spice is loaded with benefits ranging from improving appetite to relieving stress and anxiety. Consuming this spice has been found as a boon to digestive disorders, that is fighting stomach ulcers, improving appetite, & prevents gas and bloating issues. The strong aroma has been found to combat bad breath. It is a great remedy for respiratory issues including cough, cold, asthma, sore throat & so on. Regular consumption of black cardamom by adding it as flavors to the foods was found to be heart healthy. It was found to keep the body system free from toxic materials and improves blood circulation in the body. This spice is added in desserts, tea, curries, soups & so on

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