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Bangalore Tomatoes, 1Kg

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Tomatoes are actually fruits and not vegetables. Bangalore tomatoes are generally preferred for puree, gravies while local tomatoes are used for cooking dishes like curries, rasam & so on. This variant of tomatoes is round in shape and has a slightly tart and sour taste. These tomatoes are yellow, orange, or red in color. The pulp is crunchier and juicer than the local tomatoes. They are most commonly eaten as a snack item. Regular consumption of this veggie has been found to decrease cholesterol levels thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases. Carotene in tomatoes has a skin protective effect. The red color of the veggie is owing to lycopene an antioxidant found in this vegetable.

Nutritional Facts: They are a rich source of vitamins especially A & C

Recipes: This vegetables are used as a part of salads, an appetizer, toppings on the pizza, and a part of baked foods. Many recipes like pasta and sauces wherein local tomatoes have been replaced by bangalore tomatoes.

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